Dr. Matthew Specht PH.D

Licensed child psychologist specializing in OCD, Anxiety & Tics
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Every parent’s ultimate goal is to raise a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted child. We share in your vision and are committed to providing customized strategies and comprehensive support to launch your child successfully into adulthood.

Meet Dr. Matthew Specht

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Matthew W. Specht is a nationally-recognized clinical psychologist and highly-lauded expert in Tourette’s Disorder and common co-occurring conditions including OCD, Anxiety, and ADHD. With over 15 years professional experience as a clinician, researcher, and professor at leading institutions including Johns Hopkins Hospital and New York Presbyterian, Dr. Specht has built a reputation for innovation and leadership in his field, and is personally driven to help children lead happy and healthy lives.


Where expertise, collaboration, and compassion come together to help build independent, fully functioning and productive adults.


Occurs when obsessions result in unwanted and intrusive thoughts, images and impulses resulting in fears, catastrophic thinking and accompanying behaviors or compulsions.


Considered the “common cold” of mental health, anxiety affects everyone from time to time. Mismanagement of anxiety as a child is likely to persist and escalate into adulthood.


Brief, non-stereotyped, repetitive movements and/or vocalizations occurring in nearly 25% of school-aged children.


What Other Patients Are Saying

“Dr. Specht is a kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable therapist. His ability to understand adolescents and what best addresses their needs is remarkable. He goes out of his way for his patients and their families. He has a unique way of interacting with his patients that puts them at ease while at the same time effectively addressing their mental health issues. He has been a trusted advisor and coach for our family and made a significant positive impact on our son.”

“Dr. Specht changed my son’s life. My son had been misdiagnosed for years. A year ago we thought we were losing him and today he is heading to college, getting straight As, and has a focus and insight into his life well beyond his years, all thanks to Dr. Specht.”

“I can not recommend Dr. Specht enough! He helped my son so much with his generalized anxiety disorder and OCD. Up until we found Dr. Specht he had gone to several counselors that had not helped very much. Dr. Specht’s treatment plan helped my son tremendously. He has minimal symptoms now. He definitely was very instrumental in changing my son’s life. We will always be grateful to him for all he did.”

“I have spent my entire life going through doctors/therapists, who through my experience seem to be mostly biased and ignorant to any outside opinions. Dr. Specht is straightforward with you. No judgment. No BS. He is a man of great intelligence and highly respected in psychology. He also has many unique ways of using conditioning as a strategy to help people move past things that are unnatural to the person, yet are holding people back from everything life has to offer.”

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